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Our Church
Our Church
A Great Cloud of Witness - Building the Church

First Presbyterian Church is a member of the Presbyterian Church, USA. We were started in 1955 by local families who deliberately chose to locate on this corner. They wanted the church to be visible to the many people visiting the downtown, serving in the military, attending the public school once across the street, or simply passing by on the busy highway.

The congregation first met in the Old Armory building on highway 84 until the Sanctuary and Sunday school buildings were constructed. Under the leadership of Olin Fraser, members came each night after their regular jobs to lay bricks and drive nails until dark. Each night the women of the church provided covered dishes and one of the men grilled food in the court yard for the working crew. This was the first air conditioned church in the county and had the largest seating capacity of 250 people. Pastors were Raymond Nelson, Harvey Overton, Frank Herrington, Edgar Byers, Dan Lott, Dick Gates, and Tom Mueller.

In 1975 the church began a pre-school through Kindergarten which eventually grew to the fifth grade level. In 2006, through a generous gift of the Church’s property and with the community’s strong support, a new two story building was constructed allowing the school to be expanded to the twelfth grade level. We are pleased to continue our strong support of First Presbyterian Christian Academy, through leadership, financial support, and the use of our facilities. We are proud of the school’s academic excellence, quality sports programs, and most importantly Christ-centered education. Today we congratulate the class of 2013! We are proud of you.

Our Beliefs
Core Values

The Lordship of Jesus Christ
Ultimately, we acknowledge the Lordship of Christ in our personal lives and as head of the Church. This means that we will follow what Jesus said is the greatest commandment of God, “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind…. And the second is like it: You shall love your neighbor as yourself.” [Matt 22:37-40]

Bible Centered Preaching and Teaching
We believe that preaching and teaching is to be based upon the Word of God found in the Holy Scriptures. We seek to study and hear this Word in context using the understanding of our minds and with life application. We believe the Holy Spirit will work through the preaching and teaching of the Word so that God can accomplish His purposes in each person’s heart. [Is. 55:11]

We believe that prayer is central to a genuine and intimate relationship with God. It is also central to the life of the Church as a whole. Through prayer we seek guidance for difficult situations. Other times we seek quietness so we can listen to God speaking. We acknowledge that God says, “Yes!” to us ~ though God answers in His perfect time. [Matt. 7:7-11]

God's Grace
We recognize that we have weaknesses and are grateful for God’s unmerited favor. God’s unconditional love is never ending and never runs out. We are inspired by the grace of God we have received to share the good news of Jesus with others. [Eph. 2:4-10]

Christian Education
We believe that the Church is in a unique position to help others grow in faith since the Church has answers for the human race that can only be found in Jesus Christ. Christian Education is a lifelong pursuit requiring openness to new things. It is essential to continued growth in the life of all Christians as without growth there is no life. It is especially important to help children learn so they will accept Christ as their Lord and Savior. [Matt. 28:18-20]

God made a covenant promise to our spiritual father, Abraham, to bless all the families of the earth. We believe our Church is a family of God and called to bless others with acceptance and belonging that demonstrates the Love of Christ to all. [Gen. 12 1-4]


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